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Do you need a ride?

If you have never experienced the thrill of riding in a pedicab or are new in town, we invite you to take a ride on one of our chariots and experience the magic. If you are familiar with pedicabs, or with our company, you will know that we run consistently seven days a weekday during the summer season and this summer promises to be yet another fabulous and outrageous season!!




We are Ptown Pedicab, the most experienced, professional  and enjoyably entertaining transportation in Provincetown.

We are not just coworkers, we are family


Kevin K.

Very cool

Great service and friendly people. It's a lot of fun and a great way to get around, reasonable too. Cheaper and more fun than a cab

Moris F.

For a small town, the pedicabs offer a great transport mode and are often easier to find than a taxi. The healthy young guys are fun to chat with and fun to look at from behind as they pedal their butts off. Fares are not set in advance and you're invited to pay what you think it's worth. Be generous as they take you up and down P-town's many hills.

Rick P.

On a normal day, we all enjoy walking down Commercial Street and shopping in the wonderful store, BUT when you need to get somewhere quick or your feet are starting to hurt from all of the walking, these pedicabs are the way to go! We...More

Beautiful sunset rides

Weddings of all shapes and sizes.

Personalized sight-seeing tours

Contact Us

Provincetown, MA 02657  

  Tel: (508) 487-0660

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